• Photos: Professional Work

    This collection includes some of my work that I have used for marketing products or companies.

  • Web: Hallmark Nameplate

    I created this website to compete with other large national nameplate manufacturers. It was designed to provide clean corporate branding and  extremely search engine friendly content. It was a major success, and it has had twice the traffic of the old site since the initial re-design. To view the live site you can go here.

  • Print: Higher Ground Outfitters

    I designed event posters, rack cards, packaging, t-shirts, print advertisements, and web advertisements for Higher Ground Outfitters in Beaufort, South Carolina. I used much of my own photography and combined it with fonts that evoke thoughts of expeditions and exploring the outdoors. I also provided consistent branding, logo use, and font styles.

  • Web: Immaculate Conception Catholic School

    I created this website for Immaculate Conception Catholic School located in Augusta, Georgia. It provided a solutions which were customized, easily navigated, and easily updated. To view the live site go here.